Social Integration Centre ‘PRO DOMO’

Post-penitentiary Half-way House

Po Domo is a half-way house run for homeless persons released from penitentiary isolation who, due to circumstances, cannot or should not return to their previous home environment. Our Centre offers 8 rotation places for males, where they can stay for up to 3 months, with a possibility of prolonging the stay to 6 months.

Pro Domo inhabitants are obliged to undertake employment and to participate in therapy, pursuant to individual contracts. The Centre offers regular therapeutical and psychoeducational sessions, aiming to prevent relapse into addiction, as well as helping build the participants` motivation, define life goals, all the while providing support in putting them to life.

Inhabitants may at any time consult a lawyer, professional employment advisor, psychologist and addiction therapist.

Pro Domo is a safe haven where you can rediscover your place in the real world, under the watchful eye of specialits: find a job, renew family contacts, find a specialist support in your fight with addiction, discover your passion and learn how to spend your free time in a fruitful manner.

Criteria for inclusion in the program:

  • Conditional early release from the remainder of the sentence or completion of the sentence and subsequent release from prison;
  • Completion and submission of Questionnaire and written acceptance of the Centre`s Rules and Regulations (files to download below);
  • Approval for residency from the Head of the Centre;
  • Submission for custodial services of Małopolskie Stowarzyszenie Probacja, MSP (agreement is sent to the Penitentiary Court after the decision is issued confirming entrusting a person to MSP custodial services, or, upon request – submitted also via email – of the penitentiary officer or Head before the date for the Penitentiary Court hearing is set in the matter of early release). This criterion applies only to persons released early and applying for residency at the Pro Domo Centre.

This project is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Justice

Persons intersted in the program are invited to contact the Head of the Centre:

Agnieszka Szeliga-Żywioł
tel. 578 116 110
md-td:  8:00-20:00
wd-fd 14:00-20:00

Regulamin_Pro_Domo_2018 (Rules and Regulations of the Centre)

Kwestionariusz osobowy dla osoby ubiegającej się o miejsce w Pro domo 2019 (Personal Questionnaire of Applicant)

Ulotka Pro Domo (Pro Domo Leaflet)