The Project is designed for persons who for their time of probation were entrusted by the Court under the custodial services of Małopolskie Stowarzyszenie Probacja.


We start by diagnosing the person entrusted into our custodial service.

We sign an individual contract with every customer.

We execute the contact with the customer at his/her place of residence and in the office of our Association.

Throughout the time of the custodial service, we make sure the person under our custody fulfils his/her duties and moreover:

  • We offer professional employment advisory services and help find employment (we have permanent job offers),
  • We provide diagnoses for persons under our care in order to make sure psychological and psychiatric help is provided in cases that require such care,
  • We conduct therapy for addicted persons and for those responsible for acts of violence,
  • We diagnose each individual social context for every case, We also provide social support
  • via social work and provision of food thanks to our cooperation with Bank Żywności [Food Bank],
  • We run legal advisory services aimed at solving our clients` problems,
  • We provide diagnosis, advisory services and therapy for persons addicted to gambling and Internet,
  • We diagnose addictions to psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs,
  • We enforce decisions issued on the basis of Article 164 § 1 of the Polish Executive Penal Code.

After a diagnosis is made we provide therapy ourselves, or, alternatively, refer persons to specialist institutions.

We have created (and run) the first programme for persons charged with road accidents caused under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or psychoactive substances.

We cooperate with the client and his/her family.

We are at the disposal of judicial authorities, public prosecutors and the police force.


Our team is made up of professionals from various backgrounds and professions. We work with teachers and educators, sociologists, social workers, addiction specialist and lawyers. Most of our team have experience spanning over many years (some of our employees have worked cases for over 10 years) in cooperation with custodial customers, courts due to their employment in the capacity of probation officers.

Our team are acknowledged with international standards as to custodial services in other EU Member States such as UK, Ireland and Denmark.

Everyone on our staff have completed training in the field of data protection provisions and seriously take compliance with the Act of Protection of Personal Data.


We depend on and believe in case work – each case is approached individually.

We diagnose our clients towards the risk of relapsing into conflict with the law. On the basis of that diagnosis we create an individual procedure for each and every case.

We provide our clients with individual personality diagnosis. We also provide specialist diagnosis, advisory services and therapy for persons addicted to gambling. We diagnose addiction to psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs, conduct created by Probacja innovative 12-month programme for road crime perpetrators.

We conduct analyses and statistical research that enable us ongoing supervision and modification of applied tools, so that an actual decrease in relapse into criminal activity can be achieved in the groups under our custodial care.

We work using materials and forms created by ourselves on the basis of decade-long experiences, which mirror specific probation period and our work with individual clients.


Małopolska Probation Association works out of two locations: Centre for Integration Pro Domo, where we offer post-penitentiary care for persons released from penitentiary institutions, and Centre for Enforcement of Court Orders, where we take under our custodial services persons who need such custody. We also provide care and services for persons who fell victims to crimes.